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  1. Responsibilities: 1. Primary responsible for developing brand new medical care services and managing all equipment necessity including but not limited to ensure compliance of term and condition, developing budget, evaluating the quality of service, and maintenance communication with stakeholders. 2. Responsible for implementing & developing the Medigo care service & Delivery model is going great and ensures an increase continuously. 3. Lead Clinic team (Doctor, nurse & other practitioner) towards effective collaboration and attainment of goals Key Duties: 1. Report to CMO every update and issue in clinic partners 2. Work closely with the CMO for dealing with clinic partners or 3rd party partners and ensure every essential nessecity is prepared. 3. Analyse and improve every aspect on implementation care services in clinic partners 4. Create and update guidelines both operation & Medical compliance to national regulation 5. Actively communication to clinic and 3rd party partners to enhance service deliverable and engagement 6. Reporting monthly analysis and growth trend medigo care service 7. Assist upper management in decisions for new care service and delivery model As a liaison for clinic partner with upper management in Medigo or Klinik Pintar 8. Create and implement program to engage clinic patients and satisfaction 9. Work together with other internal teams such as but not limited to product tech team for enhanced service care and operation team for implementation. 10. Deal with problems by providing creative and practical solutions Requirement & Qualifications: 1. Proven experience as clinic/Hospital operation manager, healthcare business development or similar managerial role 2. Knowledge of performance evaluation metrics and principles 3. Sound understanding of optimization of clinic operations and standards for success 4. Working knowledge of healthcare application 5. Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities 6. Excellent organizational and leadership abilities 7. Strong business acumen with a strategic orientation 8. Excellent problem-solving abilities 9. Bachelor in Medical, business analyst, hospital operation or similar field
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