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  1. Responsibilities: 1. Collaborating with medical business development, lead the research and analysis of competitive landscape, customers, product metrics, and latest internet trends to identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve user experience and drive growth and conversion 2. Translate digital product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes 3. Define the digital product backlog and create actionable user stories for the development teams. 4. Groom and prioritize the work in the backlog. 5. Accept the completed user stories to make sure the work fulfills the criteria. 6. Working closely with medical practitioners, patients, engineering, marketing, finance, operations, and external stakeholders to implement new features and enhancements Key Duties: 1. Make a product requirement document in accordance with stakeholder needs 2. Ensure that products launched are in accordance with requirements Requirement & Qualifications: 1. Minimum 2 years of working experience. 2. Coming from hospital industry, management consulting, agencies, & digital startups. 3. At least Bachelor's degree from top local or overseas universities with min GPA 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Background in Computer Science, Engineering, mathematics, or Business field. 4. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and strong intuitions of user behaviors 5. Expertise in agile project management & IT delivery 6. Strong persistence in driving team’s tasks and deliverables 7. Strong analytical and planning skills. 8. Fluent in english both speaking or writing
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